Intellivision Day

Play a game you like, with someone you like.

It occurred to the Intv Prime Board of Directors a few years ago that the celebration level for our favorite console was lacking. We had been playing over the years without specifically marking the “origin date” of the Intellivision©.

After consultation with industry authorities and enthusiasts, it was agreed-upon that the date for the console’s release was 3 December, 1979.

To help the Inty community celebrate, each year we set up a place for people to “register” their commitment to playing any game in the catalog (original 125 games plus 50 21st Century releases). We ask that everyone use this same registration so that we have equivalent coverage of games across the Intellivision© library. It’s all about “couch co-op”, we just want people to play without strings attached. All one has to do to be a part of the action is sign-up and play.

In the weeks preceding December 3rd, this page will be updated with a registration form. A few moments after midnight on December 4th, all registration info is purged.

From Auto Racing to Zaxxon, and every game in between, we hope the worldwide participants enjoyed themselves in 2019! We expect things to be even more fun with the debut of the new Amico console in 2020! Here’s to another 40 years of fun!

Keep your disc thumb strong! Play throughout the year to get ready for December 3!

J. Craft, Intv Prime Chief Operations Officer