The Intellivision FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for the classic Intellivision ecosystem, updated for 2021 and beyond!

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We obtained permission/blessing from Larry Anderson, the original creator, to make updates and migrate his work. This is a real FAQ with questions-and-answer sets, and attribution for the creators of the content, and links to media. 

Many of the same questions are asked over and over in web forums, on Facebook, Twitter, and other chat spots. What is obvious to the Intellifaithful isn’t obvious to the casual person that found a Tandyvision at a yard sale and wants to learn a little bit, for example. This refreshed FAQ can help. Because source links are included to sites and references that are pretty obscure, it should be easier to find info in this new version.

Answers for example in 2015 (or 2007 or 1998, etc) are just as valid as they are now, but the answerers may be long gone, so we’re leveraging (Wayback Machine) where possible, and in other cases we’ll use “Intellivision Echo”, a publicly-accessible and geo-redundant cloud storage spot to hold media we find that might be in danger of being lost. 

Most of the content from the original FAQ has been migrated to here, and we’re working to include notes and archives to add more info Q&A pairs (everything from PAL/NTSC video conversions to game clubs to IntyBASIC development to music to TV POWWW replication to JLP to the Tutorvision), everything we can find!

Mr. Steve Roney also shared a Keith Robinson marked-up version of Larry Anderson’s work, so we’re adding pertinent info from there.

We’re not looking to replace info at any of the primary Intellivision sites, but rather have decent answers to common questions with pointers to those sites (eg BSR history, Intv Funhouse, etc).

Anyone that wants to submit content to make the FAQ better, feel free to contact us. 


Coming soon: Ask the Intellibot a targeted question without having to sift through  anything else! 



Now available: Copies of the PDF documents from Dave Chandler “Papa Intellivision” have been OCR’d and converted to searchable versions. Available at Papa Intellivision Searchable Content