Development of the Prime Ad Server

Recognizing that it can be hard for the retro gaming/computing community to message-out about the great things we do, Intv Prime has spent some time on the Prime Ad Server project. The goal of PAS is to provide a simple 3rd-party ad server platform for the retro community makers.

If you think that you’d like to have an easy way to let people know about any of these topics, we are building the Prime Ad Server for you:

    • A new (virtual) Expo or event is happening.
    • A new playthrough video is on a channel.
    • A new game release is coming for a platform.
    • A book or magazine or blog post needs promotion.
    • Anything else.

Our goal is to host a service that costs as close to $0 as possible for anyone that wants to reach people with retro news (inside or outside of retro communities). We in the retro game/computing world have a signature niche, and  we should be able to simply share info and also effectively advertise to the broader world.

Facilitating online messaging campaigns with the right ad to display, at what time, and on what web property or application is the goal. PAS will also provide easy-to-red reporting about stats (number of impressions, clicks, ratios) and provide our niche publishers with the ability to track advertising performance to better reach an audience. A lot of retro content makers don’t have time for working  a traditional ad serving workflow (40 steps in some cases!), PAS can compress and automate the steps into something efficient, so anyone that wants to advertise about their game or hardware piece can “get in and out” with confidence and reach everyone they want to reach. Simple CPM+CPC (Cost per Mile plus Cost per Click) methods can serve Advertisers and Publishers in our retro ecosystem. Simply low overhead!

One of the many great things about the retro community is that we tend to cooperate with releases, and not compete. Let’s keep that going and share what we do!

There are a lot of pieces in motion (eg we are now converting the data platform in Azure Cosmos DB, cutting operational cost by 70%), but it’ll be worth it in the end!



Things that Advertisers Need to Know and Do to work with PAS

  1. Define Target Networks
    1. Choose Publishers
      1. Choose Placements
      2. Choose Maximum Spend
    2. Define Flighting Schedules
  2. Define Content
    1. Upload Creative/Content
    2. Define Display and Click-Through Attributes
  3. Define Contact Infio

Things that Publishers Need to Know and Do to work with PAS

  1. Define Placements
    1. Define Charges
    2. Define Available Flighting Schedules
  2. Define Categories and Tags
  3. Define Cost
  4. Define Contact Info

PAS serves advertising, but does not handle charges and costs for Publishers and Advertisers. Both sides can communicate through PayPal for costs once they are defined through PAS, but Intv Prime will not handle those charges. Intv Prime will charge for serving ads but will otherwise “stay out of the way”. We want to help people share their work!