Media Stream Hosting for Intellivision Gaming

The Media Streaming by Intv Prime platform has been used to successfully push live Intellivision play and content to viewers around the world!

  • 2022, October: Portland Retro Gaming Expo

    • Fourteen presenters played their favorite games, and demonstrated new releases over 11 hours (two days), 4 playing/streaming simultaneously. Virtual Game Room     Intellivision Virtual Game Room PRGE 2022 Edition




  • 2020, November: Intellivision Virtual Expo

    • Eight presenters demonstrated their latest Intellivision releases and performed champion speed runs over 8 hours, 4 playing/streaming simultaneously.Intellivision Virtual Expo 2020


We appreciated the opportunity to organize and host some of the top Intellivision© players on earth to take part in these marathon events. Each individual spent 3 hours on new high score attempts on both games from the original catalog, and 21st Century releases showcased during the main sessions.

IVE 2020 Game Streamers

Streamer NameInfoURIs
Al Birman
I was an original owner of the Intellivision in 1980. I play for All of Canada. At Twin Galaxies I own approximately 140 World Records on the original Intellivision console out of 200+ gaming tracks. They call me the Intellivision Master. Official World Record in Tron Deadly Discs: 11,800,700 Points Unofficial Screenshot record: 13,160,150 Points.
Brian PuddenI am Brian from the YouTube Channel Brian's Man Cave. I take you in to my Man Cave to talk about Video games, Movies and Toys. (Such as Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision, Nintendo and Transformers). YouTube Channel:
Glenn CaseGlenn Case is an internet geek musician who writes and records music. He is a retro video game junkie who was on a waiting list for Pac-Man on the Atari 2600. He thought it would be funny to go for the best score on the worst game, and he gained the world record high score for E.T. on the Atari 2600 after 8 and a half hours of gameplay.
Jay CraftRetro computer / music enthusiast who grew up playing Intellivision. Loves the sound of pressing the disc with his thumb and removing it quickly.
Rick ReynoldsRick Reynolds has been enjoying video games since the late 1970s. He is an avid Intellivision collector, as well as a collector of just about any video game system that came out earlier than 1985. He is also a host or cohost of several podcasts including The Intellivisionaries, Intarivisions, The Greatest American Hero Podcast, Vectrex Radio, and The Atari 5200 Super Community Podcast.
Robert FergusonI guess for me, I've been podcasting about Atari 2600 games for almost 8 years on the Atari 2600 Game by Game podcast. I am also part of the Intarivisions podcast team, which looks at the same game across classic systems. I also enjoy catching Pokemon and making bread.

Ryan WinslowHi I'm Winslinator and you can call me Wins for short. I'm 24 years old and speedrun Intellivision, Genesis, and random PC games. AD&D: Cloudy Mountain was the first videogame I ever played at 3 years old and I've been intrigued by classic games ever since.
William HunterI'm William Hunter, and I run a website called The Dot Eaters, which covers the early history of video games from pre-PONG systems up to around 1986 and the NES. I also have a retro game YouTube channel.

Generational GamerAs for the Intellivision, it was my first console. I have many fond memories playing the games with my parents and grandparents. I have interviewed Tommy Tallarico twice, along with making videos to express why I am interested in the console. Additionally, for Mac users, I made a video on how to play the demo of Breakout on a Mac. My channel focuses on modern technology for retro games, but may include retro games, retro-inspired, modern iterations of retro games. Occasionally, I will delved into modern games, but not often.
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