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The Classic Intellivision FAQ

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Section 8.0: Publications

Visual Media that can be consumed for in-depth coverage of Intellivision information.

  • 8.1 Individual Guides
  • 8.2 Printed Media
  • 8.3 Reference Texts

8.1: Were university studies done on Intellivision?

Jeffrey Tam wrote a document on Intellivision Baseball and its influence on gaming for Stanford University.

8.1: Does a checklist exist for game collectors?

The Digital Press organization has created a checklist for the original 125 games, covering Cartridge, Instructions, and Box attributes.

The Digital Press PsychOpedia is a collector’s compendium of videogame manufacturer information, containing references to multiple Intellivision items.

Digital Press has a published rarity guide that is considered "The Bible" for collectors, with an onlie reference to match it.

8.1: Do fanzines or zines exist for Intellivision?

The Intellivision Lines newsletters is a fanzine created by Ralph Linne devoted entirely to his favorite classic game system, 10 issues from 1991 to 1995.

8.1: Do magazines cover Intellivision?

Côté Gamers magazines contain articles that focus on classic system info preservation, including Intellivision.
Pixel Addict covers retro topics.

8.2: What books were published for Intellivision game players?

Title ISBN Media Link
How to Master Home Video Games 0-553-20195-6
How to Beat Atari, Intellivision, and Other Home Video Games 0-671-45909-0
Repairing Your Home Video Game 0-88190-277-9
The Family Playbook for Intellivision Games 0-8065-0799-3

8.2: What books are available to learn IntyBASIC?

Óscar Toledo G. has written two books that walk a user from zero to writing complete Intellivision games.

  1. Programming Games for the Intellivision (ISBN-10: 1387961446)

The success of IntyBASIC inspired me to write a book called "Programming Games for Intellivision". It follows the learning technique that was so useful for me when starting in the BASIC language: Games published in parts, required to be typed by hand, and detailed explanation of each part.

  1. Advanced Game Programming for Intellivision (ISBN-10: 1678045624)

Inspired by the success of my first book, I went to write another book including more advanced techniques of programming. In particular I wanted to explore the development of games looking more professional both on terms of title screens, gameplay, sound, and music.

A full chapter dedicated to the creation of sound effects and converting music sheets to IntyBASIC is included, furthermore tips for converting pictures to Intellivision graphics.

8.3: Does an Intellivision II Service pamphlet exist?

SAMS created an easy-to-view fold-out document in 1985. It is not known if it was made for INTV Corp or their own company use.

8.3: Where can service manuals be found?

Service Manuals are available via the source links in this entry. Please know what you are doing before you open an Intellivision console!

8.4: Is there an Aquarius FAQ like this one?

Digital Press produced a FAQ for the Aquarius computer. The Aquarius is not compatible with the Intellivision in any way, but was owned by Mattel Electronics.

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