TML Backstory

From the Quill of Idrac, 3rd Scribe, Year 1175, Ano Urrbis.

Xcitticx has been imprisoned! Let us celebrate!

The demon’s hordes have been defeated by the king’s forces on both continents.

The king allied the armies of Lower Sund, the barbarians of the northern wastes, and the horse warriors of the steppes to battle Xcitticx’s summoned evils. Six campaigns were fought to stalemate. Six campaigns more saw the king’s coalition close to defeat as the war depleted our resources. Our fighting men and women would not give up, but Xcitticx drew his minions from another dimension, and could replenish his forces in a way that we could not.

As the war-weary coalition began to break, and our defeats began to grow, the king approved a new plan – ship a small expedition to the eastern continent where Xcitticx was laired, and destroy him in his temple. Five weeks of sailing brought the band, represented by elite warriors, enchanters, and even a handful of druid clanners to the eastern continent. The force found the temple of evil, and fought Xcitticx and his strongest demons to his very throne. But they were unable to destroy the demon. When the party’s defeat was near, it was the king’s minstrel that saved them, and the world: he used the magical Song of Gonasaer to twist Xcitticx’s summoning magic and imprison him! It was the minstrel Dolinde that saved us all! Dolinde’s name will continue in legend forever!

Our world is safe, and only a few of Xcitticx’s horrors are left in the lands. What is left of the evil retreats, and our forces pursue and destroy them.

Although we have few fighters left across the world, some will now garrison in the small continent. The base will let us watch and be sure that Xcitticx is never freed.

From the Quill of Hasa’ud, 1st Scribe, Year 1475, Ano Urrbis.

The world continues to be at peace. Humanity has flourished for generations. Xcitticx’s minions are gone. I will take part in the yearly expedition across the sea to the eastern continent. Once we land at the outpost, our force will parade to the temple, where the king’s minstrel Esto will play the Song of Gonasaer to keep the demon trapped for another decade. This year will be a grand procession! We will have representatives from the army, wizard colleges, and even the druids will take part. As this is the 300th year since Xcitticx’s defeat, everyone is bringing their best, and are allowed to bring their entourage, apprentices, and more.

We leave on the morning’s tide.

Calio’s Journal

1475, Month of En’Vay, 6th day.

What a disaster! I was in steerage with other apprentices on the way to the eastern continent, and a mighty storm has destroyed our armada! Just a few of us are left! I don’t know what to do. I barely made First Musician in my class. I need to find other survivors.

1475, Month of En’Vay, 8th day.

The situation is dire. Of our original 300, only three others have were washed up on shore like myself. And they were all steerage-level pupils like me! We got to know each other a little on the journey, but we’re on this continent by ourselves so I think we’ll get closer, no doubt. We are Gruk the warrior, Tloju is a wizard’s apprentice, and Pelia is a wilderness priestess. Other than us, just a few items from our mentors and masters have washed up on shore. Nothing we have will help us get a signal back to the west. We definitely can’t swim back home! The walled outpost barely has enough guards to man it, and they have no seafaring boats either.

1475, Month of En’Vay, 9th day.

Our group doesn’t know much, but we know that Zxcitix’s imprisonment must be kept. I can do it with the Song of Gonasaer, but I don’t know the melody! I was taught that a parchment with the tune is in pieces across this land, I just need to find them. There is an old music master somewhere around here as well, I know that he can tell me how to arrange the song. We are as ready as we will ever be…. We leave in the morning!